The Mirror

The giant mirror floated above the ground. Its reflection was unbearable. Infinite shapes and colors appeared and disappeared with great speed, without giving a chance to hold onto something specific. No consciousness could wrestle with it and it was not required. The mirror communicated with consciousness’s eldest sibling – unconsciousness. The deep sleeping, ever-present entity. 

The sun was burning, making the mirror sizzling hot, steaming. It was obvious that the mirror was feeding on it. Inhaling its radiation. The comradery of two great deities was sublime and humbling. Clouds of dust ascended from the ground and whirled all around it. It looked like a legion of war horses galloped through the air, circling around the mirror. The wicked sabbath went on and on. The unconventional was juicing out of space. Then humming spilled all around – everlasting, sweet. Omnipresent, it talked the timeless language, which grandeur was recognized but not familiar. Embedded in the very fabric of a feeling. Its vibrations like a yarn of warm breaths and kisses nurtured and agitated. Showing, letting understand.

Mirror rotated. It had the shape of a prism. Transparent, hollow ribbons swam through the prism, like snakes. To be here and to witness this grandeur is nothing but honor. A spectacle that occurs once in an eternity. It invokes all known and unknown feelings and emotions in such an order that it becomes an absolute embodiment of a balance. The whole palette of possible biochemical processes occurs in precise dosages and order so that a tunnel of unity with the mirror itself appears. This cosmic bridge unfolds the possibility of a rarest, unheard connection with something you would normally fear and tremble from. 

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